Product Details
Using Galvanized Steel Coil as a base, the Galvanized Steel Square Pipes are form through the piping machine.Moreover, it provides a variety of properties that are great for industrial applications and because of the galvanized coating, it is rugged enough to resist damage from assembly and operation. The Galvanized steel square pipes have many sizes, lengths, and thicknesses and the standard thickness starts from 12x12x0.6 mm.
Due to the galvanized layer of coating on the surface, they have better level of durability when it comes to surface corrosion and thus their applications are more applicable than they normal counterparts. Generally, it is found often in manufacturing, fabrication, and construction projects, especially in pipes, fittings, roofs, and air-conditioning equipment. However, it cannot withstand too much weight because the inside is porous, so many people may not use it as a main structure. it is not used as the main structure due to Moreover, it can be used in extension structures such as extended battens, balconies, poles, bridges, and scaffold.

Product Size Chart

Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
0.9 1.01
1.0 1.13
1.2 1.24
1.4 1.46
1.6 1.69
1.8 2.02
2.1 2.36
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
0.9 1.53
1.0 1.70
1.2 1.87
1.4 2.22
1.6 2.56
1.8 3.07
2.1 3.58
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.2 2.58
1.4 2.92
1.6 3.48
1.8 4.04
2.1 4.72
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.8 5.46
2.1 6.36