Product Details
Galvanized steel lip channels are a C-shape steel with inside radius corners that is ideal for all structural applications. Its C-shape configuration is suitable for added strength and rigidity over steel angle when your project’s load is vertical or horizontal. Moreover, the length is 6 meters and it has a wing that has the same lengths on both sides. Mostly, Galvanized steel lip channels will be used in main structures which have to resist with heavy weight. In terms of a quality control system, our products have a TIS standard which is TIS 1228-2549 to certify that the products have a standard quality and safety for our customers.
Galvanized steel lip channels are mostly used to support a much greater load and make it more efficient at carrying weights. It is usually used in constructing structures and buildings, fabrication and vehicle body building. For example, bridges, flyovers, pedestrians walk overs, floor and roof systems. With light weight of the steel, it is mostly used in high construction works or used as a secondary construction work and it is also used instead of hardwood because the advantages of them are similar.

Product Size Chart

Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.2 1.57
1.4 1.78
1.6 2.12
1.8 2.46
2.1 2.87
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.2 1.88
1.4 2.22
1.6 2.64
1.8 3.07
2.1 3.58
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.8 3.44
2.1 4.00
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.8 3.80
2.1 4.42