Good Governance

The board of directors is critical to the implementation of good corporate governance therefore

the company has established a policy on corporate governance. We recognize that good corporate governance is essential and thus have adopted the Good Corporate Governance of the Stock exchange. This will guide the operation of the business and increase effectiveness of business as well as raise transparency. This in turn will cause the rise of confidence among the investors and shareholders and other related parties as follows:

Policy Governance

1. Operates with transparency that can be checked and monitored by related parties.

2. Managements are done with caution to maximize benefits of shareholders

3. The company will provide clear guidelines to conduct business with regards to treatment of all shareholders and stakeholders equally.

4. Systematic risk management with considerations to devise strategies and risk monitoring.

5. Uphold duties regarding ethical business practices to avoid damage to the stakeholder

Compliance with good corporate governance principles

In the year 2010, the company adheres to good corporate governance for listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2006, with five main category as follows.

Section 1 Shareholders’ rights

Section 2 Equal treatments of shareholders

Section 3 Roles of stakeholders

Section 4 Transparency and information disclosure

Section 5 Board of directors

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