Product Details
Carbon steel square pipe has a special characteristic that cross-sections in each four angles are equal. It has a standard size which begins from 12x12x0.6 mm, and has a standard length which has the same length in each one. (the length may differ by the production but it may not differ more than 2%) In addition, it has a smooth surface which inside is porous, so it is ideal for structure works because it is strong, durable, and movable.
Carbon steel square pipe can be used as a structure, and extension of structure. For a structure work, it is used to provide support for all sorts of buildings and rigid structures. Mostly, technicians use it to build roofs instead of using a C light lip channel and they will use it in structure works such as a pole of the structure because it can resist a heavy weight of structure more than wood, concrete, and other kinds of steel.
For extension structure,the square tube can be used to extend battens, balcony, and others. Moreover, Carbon steel square pipe can be used as other extension works such as poles, bridges, scaffold, or uses it instead of using wood and concrete to build houses, or factories.

Product Size Chart

Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.6 2.38
2.3 3.34
3.2 4.50
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
1.6 3.64
2.3 5.14
3.2 7.01
4.5 9.55
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
2.3 6.95
3.2 9.52
4.0 11.7
4.5 13.1
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
3.2 12.0
4.5 16.6
5.0 18.3
6.0 21.7
Thickness Weight
mm. kg/m
4.5 20.1
5.0 22.3
6.0 26.4